Fat You!

With this fun app you will be able to fatten faces within just a few and easy steps!

You can acquire faces from your phone camera, pictures gallery or even grab your friend’s faces from Facebook. You can also save, email or share your friend’s fattened faces, yes on Facebook and even tag them directly from the app!

The app also features a full screen view with a nice face transform animation.

Main features

✔ Get picture from camera
✔ Get picture from phone gallery
✔ Get picture from Facebook
✔ Auto-zoom for high precision face marking
✔ Thumb handles for easier markers manipulation
✔ Share on Facebook
✔ Tag on Facebook
✔ Send my email
✔ Save to phone
✔ Full screen preview
✔ Animated normal-to-fat transition with pause/play
✔ Apply fun templates with custom text


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